Recycle your jewelry

Hello family! 

If you have already given a thousand thoughts to your Oshun silver jewelry collection and are ready for a change, take advantage now!
We put it on a plate for you: exchange us for that sterling silver jewel that no longer suits you and we give you 25% of what it cost you, in a super gift card. This way you can renew your look without regrets.

As? Easy: Send us a message in the form below. Tell us which jewel from your collection is ready to pass away and tell us your order number (yes, it's in that forgotten email in your inbox, it's worth money). If after searching a lot you can't find it, don't worry, write to us from the same email address from which you made the purchase. The best? Pickup won't cost you anything, 0 rolls, that is, free. Once your jewelry is back with us and you have completed check-in, you will receive your gift card.

Just a small detail: this move does not include the jewelry from the 3x2 promos, raffles, come on, those things that you took as a gift (enjoy it, you've earned it).

Join the change, give a second life to your jewelry and continue to shine with the latest from Oshun.
A hug and to recycle it has been said,

The Oshun Jewelry team 🌟